A confident shop owner

Building confidence in the future

They say that fathers play an important and irreplaceable role in the life of their child. This could not be more evident than with Jim Dykstra, CEO of Dytech Auto Group.

Jim grew up in the automotive repair world. His father, Rich, started Dykstra’s Auto Service in 1984, when the Ford LTD was in its heyday. After successfully completing his college career in 1994 with a degree in Automotive Sciences, Jim became a partner of Dykstra with his father. Dykstra Auto has remained a trusted brand throughout West Michigan today and continues to grow.

Seeing the growing need for succession planning in the industry, Jim Dykstra formed  Dytech Auto Group to help shop owners interested in finding an efficient way to sell their businesses.   

Today, the Dytech Auto Group story, once told through a single leader with passion, is now told through the success of their partners, the testimonials of shop owners, and its group of thriving shops.

Helping independent automotive shop owners take control of their destiny

Long hours are common in the automotive repair business, and the pressures are growing for those struggling to keep up with constant disruptions in the industry. Through an integrated approach across our company, we look to help owners achieve their retirement goals—fulfilling our mission one shop at a time.

We drive a culture of legacy, respect, and success

Dytech Auto Group’s philosophy is based on efficiency and transparency. We ease the burden of enormous responsibility placed on shop owners and their families and strive to build strong relationships with them to help them sell their business to have it transformed into a market leader. Our flexible ownership structure drives real value for shop owners and those who partner with our business.

Dytech Auto Group conducts business responsibly and ethically. All shops we purchase are thoroughly reviewed by industry professionals experienced in the automotive aftermarket industry. Dytech Auto Group carefully integrates each step of the purchase process as we prepare, acquire, and operate shops to perform at top market levels.