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Does my shop get to keep its name? 

Many times, a business name represents a symbol of expertise, customer service, and a company’s culture.  When selling a business, the need to transfer ownership of the business name is required as well.  

How long does the sales process take? 

This process differs from business to business. If you are thinking of selling your shop, we can provide an estimation of how long it might take to complete the transaction. Typically, from start to finish can take anywhere between 60 to 90 days. Where your business falls in that range depends on several factors.   

Is everything in confidence even if I decide not to sell Dytech Auto Group? 

Confidentiality is a critical component of any business transaction and Dytech Auto Group respects all information related to your business and our association with you. Specific discussions related to the sale of a shop only take place once both parties have signed a formal Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) agreement.   

What will happen to my staff? 

This issue is not as critical as you may think. Shops are seldom – if ever – filled with over staffed bureaucracy like corporations.  We realize that the ongoing success and profitability of a shop is highly dependent on your employees. It’s why we give staff our highest priority when we purchase a shop. Their job is to fix cars and enjoy the process. Our job is to make it as easy and efficient for them as possible.

Will my employees get to keep their benefits? 

Yes. In fact, their benefits may increase. The list of benefits provided by Dytech Auto Group benefits are extensive and include vacation pay, health, life, and 401(k) plans to just mention a few.

Will you honor existing commitments to my customers? 

We’ve been in the business for a long time, so we know the value of building relationships.   Saying “no” might fracture a relationship and cause us to lose a customer.  Unless there are extenuating circumstances, we will continue to honor special offers currently in place with a shop. 

How long do I need to stay at the shop after the sale? 

Every situation is different. This all depends on what the seller would like to do. There are options. From complete retirement from the business, remaining in the business as an employee, or joining the Dytech Auto Group team. Specific terms related to the sale of your shop and can differ from shop to shop just as owners differ from shop to shop.