How to Schedule More Auto Maintenance Work

Posted: January 13, 2022 | Categories: Tips for Shop Owners & Techs

Happy auto mechanic using desktop PC while going through paperwork in a workshop.

Besides oil changes, many people only call their local auto shop when something is broken. Unfortunately, this can lead to expensive repairs that could have been avoided if caught earlier. Your shop should encourage customers to think about their overall vehicle health, which includes proactive maintenance checks.
Here’s a few tips for scheduling more maintenance work.

1. Perform Courtesy Checks
Customers trust an auto shop to keep their vehicles in top-working order. Take a few minutes to visually inspect for abnormalities such as low tire pressure, loose components, fluid leaks, dirty filters, worn out wipers, etc. You can then present this to the customer with recommendations about what to fix now and what can wait until later.

Providing valuable info without being pushy is the key to strong customer relationships. Most people, myself included, would appreciate the ability to make informed decisions about car maintenance and budgeting for the next visit.

2. Talk Up the Benefits

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