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Transferring Ownership of Your Business

We’re experts in the automotive aftermarket industry.
Our team is made up of professionals trained to work with you through every step of selling your business.

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Receive the Rewards to Transform Your Life

Is it time for you to change careers? Perhaps you’re ready to enjoy retirement. Either way, you can relax knowing your business is in safe hands and the new team running your business holds a clear vision for its continued growth. Dytech Auto Group has extensive experience in the automotive aftermarket industry and will work closely with current management to provide support, strategy, and resources to achieve consistent growth. 

If you are looking to sell your business quickly, yet effectively, you’ve chosen the right time and the right group to get it done. We are experienced automotive aftermarket investors. We buy automotive repair businesses that have a strong staff that we can work with. We know what it takes to run a shop and appreciate the sweat, time, and energy you’ve poured into your business. It’s time to be rewarded.

There are many reasons why people sell their shops. A career change or retirement are only two. From family issues, illness, or financial challenges, we can help relieve the burden of ownership so you can focus on more important things in life.

Reward Those who Helped Build your Success

You’ve spent years of your life building your business from the ground up. Some of your employees may have even been there from the start. We know your team is more than just employees – they’re your friends and could possibly be considered family. All the more reason to sell to a company who understands the value of “team”. Someone who knows the day-to-day challenges of working within an automotive shop.

What better way to reward those who have worked so hard for you than by selling to someone who wants to grow the business? Someone who enables them to do what they do best – fix cars.

Many companies in the automotive repair industry struggle with new technology. It’s expensive, yet necessary in order to meet the changing maintenance needs of new vehicles. Dytech Auto Group works to improve the businesses we buy, giving employees the opportunity to learn and train on innovations that help them accomplish their tasks better and faster than they may have before.  

Mechanics work with upgraded technology
Working with a Customer

Sell Your Business to Someone Trustworthy

You’ve established respect and trusted relationships. Dytech Auto Group values companies with that type of integrity. We know that even small commitments matter. Our due diligence is thorough and includes a complete review of special programs, coupons and/or services your business may have previously offered.  

Growing up most people didn’t know what type of gas they put into their cars, or what grade of oil shops used.  They certainly didn’t know—or care—about the mission of a company.   

And then it all changed in the blink of an eye…overnight! 

In today’s world, customers are pickier than ever and keep a vigilant eye on how businesses conduct themselves and run their companies. When at all possible, we honor the commitment of the previous shop owner. We believe that this is one of the best ways to make a good first impression and improve public perception.  

Protect What You’ve Built

With some shops, there are unique considerations specific to the business that owners wish to be carried on by successors.  Selling to the wrong buyer could jeopardize this.  

Dytech Auto Group never discounts the emotional side of selling a business and will do everything in our power to respect a sellers requests. Working with you, we listen carefully to better understand your priorities and values before the sale. Let’s face it, it’s your life’s work. After you sell, we want your business to build upon the reputation and trust with customers and your community that you worked so hard to build throughout the years.  

At Dytech Auto Group, we approach every purchase with a mindset of driving sustainable growth over the long term. Whether you have one shop or 20, the sale of your business can help you celebrate all the positive points of your business and even inspire your employees to keep a strong work ethic and higher degree of motivation.